Health Centar

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The Health Centar is a health education center. Using natural method and holistic approach we help to achieve physical, mental and emotional health. With energetic massages, acupressure and reflexotherapy, spine treatment, antistress programs, education and relaxation and specific exercises, we achieve numerous and lasting results.

Proven results

Have you tried everything yet still didn’t get satisfactory results?

Health is the foundation of every man’s quality and successful life. By using quality and natural treatments, you are preventing health problems and ensuring good health, inner strength, peace and positive energy.

The speciality and originality of our treatments is in therapeutic effect, visible and deep results. Release the stress, allergies, insomnia, headache, depression, chronic fatigue, low or high blood pressure, spinal problems and other health problems naturally.

Health packages

Our packages are personalised combinations of treatments, therapies, sessions, and exercises created by our Health center experts.

According to your needs, a package will be created that will help solve your health problems, improve your life habits, and give you the desired results.

Current practice and experience showed that with the continuous use of a combination of treatments, the client achieves excellent results with the help of natural healing. We offer initial, monthly, three-month, six-month and annual treatment packages.

Solve your problems in a natural way

Energy treatments with therapeutic effect

Treatment recommendation

Back pain

Back massage

Release tension, pain in your shoulders and back with a nice back massage.


Antistress treatment

A whole body massage will eliminate all stress. It will relax you, calm you down and fill you with new and fresh energy.

Spine problems

Spine therapy

Using a combination of acupressure and chiropractics, the state of the spine improves and the energy flow to the inner organs accelerates.



Treating the meridians and the acupressure points of your kidneys, liver and all other inner organs you eliminated fatigue and enhance your circulation.

Health centar results

Our clients shared their experience at the Health centar.

Health Centar surveyed 400 respondents who used treatments for the first time. The respondents are primarily highly educated men and women aged 18 to 65 years. The study aimed to investigate how the use of Health centar treatments affects the psychophysical condition of the user.